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Frequently Asked Questions - Security/Emergencies
Where should I do if there is an after hours emergency?
If you or someone else is in danger, hurt or being threatened, please contact local law enforcement by dialing 911.  

The HOA also has an onsite security guard in the  nighttime hours.  For issues with loud noise, please contact Lion's Head Security at 760-429-3026.  The security company is here to patrol the community and report any security issues to the Board of Directors and to the Oceanside Police Department as necessary.   Please do not contact security for issues with pets, your key fob not working, parking issues, maintenance concerns, etc.   All of these items should be sent to the property management company.   Please note that the security phone is only answered when they are on site.  They do not answer the phone during the day.  

The property management company also maintains a 24 hour emergency line.  The regular phone line (760-978-9609) functions as the emergency line during regular business hours (8:00 am until 4:00 pm).  After this time, the emergency line is 760-231-0261.  If your call is not immediately answered, please leave a detailed message and someone will return your call right away.   ***The emergency line is for emergencies only.  Issues with parking, neighbor complaints, maintenance concerns, etc. should be directed to the property manager during regular business hours.***

SECURITY DISCLAIMER. We hope that our security systems provide some deterrence to crime. However, the association can never be crime-free.  For example, it is possible for someone to enter the property under false pretenses to commit crimes, for residents to commit crimes against their own neighbors, for guests of residents to commit crimes, and for employees to commit crimes.

As a result, the association cannot guarantee your security.  You should NOT rely on the association to protect you from loss or harm.  You should provide for your own security by keeping your doors locked; refusing to open your door to strangers; asking workmen for identification; installing a security system; carrying insurance; etc.